Brain Injury

A brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries a person can experience in their lifetime. Unfortunately, more than one million people sustain brain injuries every year in America. These life-altering injuries are caused by striking the head and disrupting the brain’s normal function. This unexpected disruption can cause everything from a brief loss of consciousness to complete memory loss that can be temporary or permanent. Falls are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries, followed by being struck in the head and motor vehicle accidents.

Children, the elderly, and professional athletes are more susceptible to experiencing these types of injuries than other demographics. Men are three times more likely than women to experience a traumatic brain injury. An injury of this nature has physical, emotional, and mental repercussions that may last weeks or the rest of the sufferer’s life. A traumatic brain injury can result in death and disability. Brain injuries result in impaired thinking, vision, or hearing and may present in personality changes and depression. The spinal cord can also be impacted during a brain injury, further complicating, and extending recovery time.

Economic and Non-Economic Losses Caused by Brain Injuries

As the brain is in control of so many of the body’s functions, the ensuing medical diagnosis and treatment can take a significant amount of time and be extremely costly, particularly if a caregiver is needed around the clock. Bills can include physical and speech therapy, diagnostic imagining that is needed to treat symptoms and project additional long-term challenges, which are largely invisible, and mental health support to navigate such potentially devastating and long-term consequences. Some patients begin making irrational decisions, become violent, cannot keep up with ongoing conversations, and experience a loss of any of the five senses. On top of mounting medical bills, there may be past, present, and future lost wages. There may be necessary home modifications, and a caregiver may be needed to handle domestic chores, such as cooking and cleaning. Recovery can take years and be devastating to families and communities.

Why Hire Miami Brain Injury Attorney André Crenshaw?

Crenshaw Law Firm retains and consults with a team of medical experts to review and support your case. You need expert opinions on the extent of the injuries, prospects for recovery, and the possibility of future treatment, including surgeries. We consult with physical therapy specialists and home nursing professionals to assess the cost of long-term care and treatment. Other expert witnesses, including economists, assist with determining the present value of the economic damages involved in a brain injury case. We understand all the challenges that come with this life-altering injury. You deserve to have the support and financial resources needed to help your family recover.

Let’s talk about what you are going through.

You deserve a legal team that fights for your rights and allows your family to have every resource needed to heal. Once you have been diagnosed by a doctor, call us for a free consultation so we may review your case and gather essential evidence before it is made unavailable. During this sensitive time, we guide you through the legal process and explain the steps to take to avoid costly legal mistakes and give you the best chance of success and maximizing your potential compensation.

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